Saturday, December 19, 2009 Awakening Dream

Incremental fascinations
Assaulting the senses
The point of confortability
Beyond the known

Whitewashed vistas
Through the invisible spectrum
Throwing the gauntlet
Into the known

A bemused wonderment as the ashes of self imposed exile are swept away
with the North wind

The music flexes it's muscle crossing the barriers of perception, resonating with the rhythms of the spirit and not necessarily with the perceptions of the mind

Cognisance of others views of self is to add another facet to the reflection of who one is

Seeing one solely through the eyes of others is to take on the mantle of confusion whilst continually trying to find a space in an ever changing dynamic momentum

The white puffiness of cumulus nimbus herald a new vision, as the heat of the sandy soil permeates through, echoing the changing shapes of animals, resurrected to their all time glory, playing through the vision of an awakening dream

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