Saturday, July 12, 2014

on a Sacred Breeze.......

An orange light glides across the sky, without deviation, flashing and  then fading into an obscurity.

A smell, an aroma permeates one's occupied space, clinging to a distant memory, disappearing as suddenly, as it's arrival.

On a sacred breeze of stillness....... the words strain to be heard through the depth of hollowness and the capacity to remember the key, casting those overboard theories of sanity, of the moment, to the wind.

The seed pods surrender themselves to the environment, awaiting the wind to lift it on it's wings, like a dream in expediting it's mission.

Shadow like circles cast themselves into the ground, as the light plays through them, creating a stage to portray the reaction and the ultimate  harmony , in this balanced dance of life.

Shimmering stars sparkle and levitate across the waters in the cool embracing saltiness of the ultimate seduction, by the unceasing waves, which roll over themselves in a grandiose gesture of power and love.

A heart beats in the constants, of each moment, celebrating the ebb and the flow, of life and  existence itself, while the chambers work in the surrendered mode of unity and harmony.

To fight or to flow.
To be captivated by the fragmented pieces, slowly revolving in all directions whilst being brought together in the holistic patterns of the whole.

To hold on or to let go.
To escalate the perception and the differentiation, in the dissolution of the fragments, with an irreverent parting, of the emotional hooks chosen in the past.

To fly or remain immobile.
To be able to grasp the intrinsic essence and see beyond the illusion of what is, relegating the fear, mustering the courage too spread the gift with the wind, buffeting the flight of faith in oneself and all else.

Rolling red dust particles float on a breeze of good fortune.
Obliterating the blue sky, they arrive like gods on their thunder chariots, slowly descending on a follower awaiting transition.

The dust settles, creating an ochre mantle, dancing on a breeze of memories held in each particle.
The mantle takes on a energised life of it's own, flapping in the onrush of the lift.
Energised memories flood through, flowing and captured in each fiber of cellular network.

The Chinese man  stands in front of the cliff face saluting, as the red epaulets and golden star glimmer.

Three Vietnamese stand dwarfed in front of the Giant Buddha as the clouds swathe it's body, from the  midsection up , in the silkiness of a heavenly jacket.

Slowing down, floating in a wicker basket, a balloon like mass begs to free itself from the limiting viewpoint, gravitised by the perspective and perception.

Endless visions permeate and permutate, as the rolling thunder of horses crosses the plane with the intent and courage of one.

Floating visions of elephants, their heads rotating in 3D, slowly merging back to back, looking outwards and quietly disappearing into the mists of connections.

Slivers  of zest imbue the willingness, boosting the courage quotient and simplifying all to it's essence of magnificence.

Sweet attractive attention getting roses assail the nostrils, seducing the senses, in a headlong motivated run into their midst, floating from side to side, as their tusk like appendages pay homage to the skin, tearing  away the preconceptions, as the rivulets of the past echo the erubescent petals, holding themselves with a poise and confidence, in each brief moment of their life, until the inevitable cycle fulfills itself and the colours  fade into the clarity of pureness, and all, becomes quiet,  in the cycle of fantastical wondrous moments,  springing forth,   regaining momentum,  engaging in the stream of a raging bloodthirsty  torrent of water, spinning through the attics, dusty with the secrets of age, left in the clutches of forgetfulness or forced attrition, leading one to conclusions or images , floating on a field of lavender, never straying from whatever it is , or not, as the water flows in the veins, engaging the heart, floating the brain in an almost comical synergy, unseen, unknown, forgotten or left , under a tree as a gift. unwrapped as it skims over the checked picnic spread, revealing it's light, rendering all else into the obscurity of being, left and incorporated into  a dream of possibilities, of choices, wandering across, recognising the patterns, as the singing of the birds or the touch of the breeze, dancing, venturing forth, engaging the elements and seeing the vision of a garden, full of those erubescent rose buds and then the irresistible pull, stumbling through the petals as the visions return.

Under the grey skies of slothfulness, the shimmering emotions float in a void, caught in a moisture vortex which streams down in the rivulets of energised cleansing  as the body moves and spins in the age old cycle of dance, blurring what was, into a moment of blissful glory, whilst all fades into an oblivion, unfettered in it's own rendering of exceptionality, which pervades the senses and spreads it's wings, supported with the gasps and cries of all those who resonate and are prepared to surrender to the last vestiges of the spark, which was long forgotten in the onrush of an illusion, laid down and extrapolated through a moment, under the skies of grayness.

Disparate voices echo through the corridors, dank and musty, reeking with the exploits of history, as the coded helix of life plays itself out, in the black and white movie of perpetuity.

The tangibility drones across a vapid sky, translating itself into a form of comfortability, as they surprise and startle in their newness, appealing to an infinite illusion of identity and then gently in slow motion, take a back seat in that well worn leather armchair of safe predictability, forgoing the emotions of excitement, fear and anticipation, whilst the intagibilities strike at the heart, embedding themselves in the parallels of understanding and comprehension, dredging the emotions that are able to challenge the status quo, whilst standing in the darkness  of the uncomfortability, awaiting a swarm of bees to alight on the skin, creating new sensations, pricking the consciousness of being and finally enabling a reconciliation of a truth, long since forgotten, standing fearless on the dawn of an extrapolation of time and space, in the continuum of just being.

Dredging through the perceptions of reality, in the hope that the nuggets of essence will be trapped  in a framed sieve of current perception, whilst all exists in that moment.

The elemental viscosity of a reconciliation, leveraging itself across a gaping chasm, holding itself in a vice grip, venturing forth against the backdrop of dis-functionality and fear, whilst crossing the uneven stony terrain of perception, sometimes lacking in the intuitive essence of a knowingness, and still, the turmoil sweeps away a moment, of sublime harmony.

Layers of feathered harmonies seep into the present consciousness, gently extracting   their presence and fortuitously providing the gift of a jeweled sequence.

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