Saturday, July 19, 2014


Sweeping gestures take themselves off at a tangent, walking the cobbled streets, covered with a diaphanous layer of moisture, as the watchers emerge from their cocoon of warmth and the individual glass facades are are lit up, to find their own bearings and chase away their nemesis of darkness, that has been a constant partner in their own mirrored facets of an illusion, long since moving from the darkness of conception to the light of arrival, taking their place in the struggle of a journey to cohabit a place and a space where the nature of the rules are not one's own and the parameters have to be stretched in order to discover a purpose and a truth of an extrapolated distortion of the holistic message, which has been bent and manipulated by the ego of the individual for their own benefit.

Hark ye all, who wonder aimlessly through the chaos of the confusion and do not persevere to discover the gift of self, graced in the gratitude of each inhalation of breath. 

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