Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Exhilaration through acceleration

Travelling emotive reflections, bubble and well up, synchronised in their movement, harnessing the latent power, spreading themselves, divesting their diverse energy through the pathos and ethos of all moments.

Letting go of the tendrils of  illusion, the tenacious and extravagant persuasion of the buy in and pleasure of a conditioned expectation, which is a lure on the path of a journey which has multiple focus to attain that which remains hidden until found.

The warmness of the integration brings a subtle mist of awareness, juxtaposed against a disjointed and dislocated present moment of reality, which skims across the surface inviting and foreboding, in it's own moment and presence.

Encapsulated in the warmth of a silky ephemeral cocoon, as the scent of moist decaying vulnerable undergrowth assails the nostrils, as a gentle reminder, whilst the beams of the light giver radiate  their rays through the praying boughs and branches above, casting their magical shadow dance down below.

Basking in the serene lull of a glorious silence, of grace and gratitude, the cranial pressure is accommodated subliminally and gently swallowed and assimilated into the vacuous depths of the omniverse.

Whistling winds move and erode surreptitiously, as the gentility of the consistent tug bathes all in it's rapturous change.

Incremental movement satiates the obsession of conditioning and natural reflex as the flow continues unrelenting in it's consistency, intentional patterns and upward buffeting.

Frenzied footsteps over the hot coals of urgency propel all , in a way previously unknown, whilst standing resolute on a predetermined path of purpose, unadorned in the singular all encompassing essence.

Exhilaration through the acceleration of the aggregate, on a trajectory unknown and inspired through the kernel of an idea, precipitated  by the ultimate nurturing of a seed of intention, with courage and a willingness, for extrapolation,and ultimately, manifestation.

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