Friday, December 6, 2013

A movement of willingness

Spilling and swirling through a mass of burnt orange leaves as the terracotta earth assails the nostrils with the aroma and stimulus of living and dying.

Tenaciously erudite in the realms of expansion and extrapolation, the obvious becomes less so as the boundaries of the known are extended and transcended into the unknown.

Fountains of courage pursue the cracked shadow fa├žades as the depth of willingness and intention becomes self evident.

Morose subterfuge is engulfed in it's own encased bier, long since forgotten in the layers of accumulation and amnesiac remembrance.

The intenseness of the dirge swallows the irrelevant whilst the energised swathes of fabric continue cyclically in their own inexorable dance.

Through the darkness of the silence, the laughing stones echo their raucous sentiments whilst the patterns of their destiny manifest physically.

Rested in the moist earth of our dreams, fallen boughs lift and float across the forest floor, overcoming their own form and shape whilst being swept along with the fallen leaves on the cyclical rejuvenation of life.

Painted in light whilst emerging through the viscosity of form, the breath moves with the beat and flow of a memory dredged from the unconsciousness and obliviousness, resurfacing and facing the essence of being.

Standing on the breeze of inception, wandering across a vista of possibilities, ingrained with a plethora of opportunities, the landscape mutates on the breath of a thought.

A spiral of images and words pitching themselves in the vessel of their own containment, awaiting the revolutionary centrifuge of opportunity, to allow them to travel and play amongst the stars.

A willingness to move beyond the darkened jewel encrusted mass of the unknown and seek the seeds of essence sown in infinity, birthed through fire, sustained through the figment of a dream, spurred on by the essence of truth, played out moment by moment in the grace and gratitude of awareness. 

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