Saturday, April 7, 2012

In the seed of a dream.......

Enfolded and nurtured in the seed of a dream
as the gentle updraughts of warm air 
lightens the shadows    
and darkness 
of an amnesiac fog

An untravelled path filled with the misconceptions and falseness
seemingly without  a source
drifting aimlessly

The sparks of of the hypnotic fire jump and disappear 
into the nothingness of the sky

Buildings stand deserted
Function and upkeep surpass their usefulness
The empty rooms echo and sing with their laughter

Monotonous drum beats
surrender themselves in the dry heat
wisps of smoke curl salaciously from the fire
touching all who gaze into the depths of the flames
and themselves

Visionary feet march their way through the stone maze 
never doubting the veracity and possibilities 
inherent in the process

Eyes closed
in the subtle watery warmth
outer cores surrenders completely
embracing the evolving moments of spontaneity

Enfolded and nurtured once again
in the seed of a dream

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