Friday, April 6, 2012

Bristling and unfolding along the way.......

Bristling in the headlong rush of awareness as the acuteness of the stimuli on the senses seeps into the marrow of being.

Through the narrow confines of the gulley, to the wide expanses of infinity, opening the heart and letting go of the last vestiges of conditioned perception.

Mutating cells stand dignified in the light of truth.

Mesmerised and magnified beyond the shadows which lie shattered in the onslaught of a unified sense of wholeness, the circle turns inexorably in it's natural flow and pattern.

Moments filled with the passing of  time and devoid of everything except infinity.

Stepping stones of innocence and love prolong and ground the moment for an eternity.

An excising of parts and a precipitation of the death, moment by moment.

Bristling in the continued awareness, the path unfolds in it's own magnificence once again.

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