Saturday, November 19, 2016

Provocative resonance.......

The lisping wind shatters the silence
Breaking free
Into a million shards of nothingness

The wafting aroma of perpetuated success and failure
Blends itself
across a vista of beauty
in the firmament of being present

Wisps of clouds 
cross the blueness of the sky
Instigating moments of integrity
in it's onward rush of ultimate creativity

Dandelion blankets of joy
spread and cover the ground 
in their own unique relevance

On the last vestiges of an early summer breeze
the moisture floats in
rolling like buoys on a bay of plenitude

in the headlong rush of a vision
Unrelenting in it's umbilical attachment
stretching itself beyond the spaces of the known

Cast in the mercurial stones 
of an  ever changing shifting desert sand scenario
plying it's infinite course 
across the possibilities of the imagination
as moonbeams glitter
crossing the metallic ripples 
of the unknown

The hand raises itself and contemplates
The fingers 
gesture themselves through the smoke filled haze
The clarity of the moment
only offset
by the flickering flame

Wildly dancing through the heat of an illusion
releasing itself to the fire
Determined choices of an infected perception
looking down internally
to the first modicum of an inevitable truth

Twin ocular circles prevaricate themselves
The stone faced mirror images stare
through the obfuscation of each moment
The eyes burn hotter than ever

Eshewing the shadows is the foil 
for closing one's eyes to the light 

Clasping and clinching
Enfolded and entwined
Embraced and enveloped
Exploring, investigating and pursuing
a thought received 
from a muse
from the well of the intuitive being

Looking and seeing
as the detection of the observations play themselves out
with scant regard 
to the disregard and neglect
permeating ,imbuing and infusing it's way
through the myriad choices
provocative in their resonance
suffused in possibility

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