Saturday, November 1, 2014

Bemused & Expressed

Expressed and bemused wanderers stare out from behind the sheets of glass, as the moving lips exhibit a different story.

Close quarters , on the move and the armour is in place, holding together the emotionality and whatever dysfunctionality  seems to be present.

Roving, curious, disinterested, preoccupied eyes, all pass each other in the shell of their own vision and invincibility.

The wet leather head gear of life, sometimes starts to dry, shrinking in the light of perceptions and the extrapolating constrictions of emptiness, past the point of no return.

Hallucinating in the heat of the closed down world of self, the minute signs of magnificence all around, are missed in the head long charge over the abyss.

The safety net of relevance is vaporised as the curling clouds play voyeur to all below.

Dragon flies hover and dart, as the sunlight catches the luminosity and beauty of their creation.

Twittering parcels of joy share their moment of truth with all willing to be present.

Squawking crows collect themselves on the telephone lines, dressed in their finest formal attire while watching the passing parade.

Expressed and bemused, all vestiges of illusion have dissipated in the nakedness of the perspective moment of unadorned truth.

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