Sunday, September 28, 2014

Closeted in the manifestation.......

Closeted elocution meanders it's way past the vestiges of mediocrity and obliviousness, garnering support across the lazy convoluted flow, whilst drawing strength from the awareness that shines and screams out with a passionate enthusiasm, unfelt and unseen in the chaotic maelstrom of preoccupation, which has moved itself as a fog bank, into the lives of all, whilst the senses slowly recover themselves and surrender to the experience of a final embrace of each moment, for every moment, where the tangibility of the experience is in the now.

Rising heat induces it's own  effects, as the the cage of warmth engulfs the organism in it's grip and relays a message of subtly through out.

The focus is adjusted through the lens of cause and effect, and the simplicity of what is, is lost in the myopic adjustments.

Bathed in a suite of colours muted in the perspective and mindset of greyness, as the circular revolving motion starts to leach and bleed the essence of magnificence once again.

Draped in the inconsistencies of an illusion, the words fall off the pages, as the books turn to dust, whilst the voices of wisdom float on the winds of change.

Resting on the bench of experience, the tiredness seeps from the bones, relegating itself as a pattern, on the slatted wood, creating an aura of clarity, brewing from the essence of a wandering intangibility, which seems to take on form as the dots are connected of their own volition.

Mustering a vision search through the wooden chest of childhood innocence, vulnerability, dreams and grasping the patterns that have promulgated themselves to this point of time, which holds no time, but the moment, of being present, in the now.

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