Monday, April 21, 2014

Laid bare.......

Enhanced momentum
Brandishing the sword of intention
Protected by the shield of courage
Overlaid with the chain mail of integrity
and vision

Embraced in the harmonies
Encrusted jewels
In the reveal

In the fibrillating mist
Diverse machinations
Show their stealth and subterfuge
With those making the  illusion
a reality

Cross referenced
through the maze of choice

In the vividness
In the depths
In the currents of dreams
A river is crossed

Surrendered elements
Play themselves forward
Getting lost
In the insanity and denseness
of the inanimate

Sweet delicate ambrosia

Pushing the dreams
Playing the dreams
Fruitful possibilities
in the incremental growth

Through the detritus of illusion

Echoing crescendo's of silence
Reverberate forth
Each niche 
A swirl of colours
Upon the essence
In the gentle embrace

The unfolding petals of awareness 
cascade across a liquid golden sky 
of azure serenity

Captured pearls of harmony 
Descend unto all
who are willing to receive

Transfixed in the blurry images that have taken residence in the hallowed corridors of the lateral space that resides in the core of a recurring dream, which echoes the sentiments through the intuitive emotion that ply themselves out through the residues of an awakening alertness, long since dulled into submission of not trusting the true reality which vents its tendrils in the hollowness of a moment.

Gently folded into the uterus of a reality and an existence, while being spun around on a centrifuge of a musical playground.

Images blur as the shapes are mutated into the oneness of the plethora of colours, as the recognition of the singularity, falls into the abyss of nothingness, held together in a moment of bliss and consummate awareness.

Rays of saturated love and light rally forth to reawaken the slumbering masses held in the crucible of the amalgam of choices.

Undaunted and unapologetic walking the tightrope of a new reality, the old vestiges begin to crumble and slough off.

Simmering in the path of the past are the eviscerated and laden entities unwilling to surrender the figments of their own perceptive realities encased in the ingots of their own design.

The escalating presence of the Nubian heroes open the floodgates of antiquity, into the present.

Hewn granite irradiates it's subtle hues
Ascending quietness 
Pacifies in the surround

Open beating hearts
Across an intimate landscape

Intertwined slithering sibilant creatures
Create a helix
the unseen essence
Laid bare

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