Friday, March 14, 2014

The patinas of experience.......

Calmness and serenity wrapped in a breeze of invisibility soothes as it touches, leaving a tell tale manifestation.

The breeze of heroes whips up a dust storm as the heel's slowly march their way forward.

Emaciated wanderers trudge the outward journey, silently cognisant of the playful warming rays of sunbeams playing tag amongst the colourful floral displays.

Warriors sanctify their mission, gently usurping all that is seen, heard and felt, while stoking the furnace of their own purpose, as the coals spiral with their energy, spreading outward.

Side stepped and misplaced lessons pop up on the deja vu landscape challenging the owners to take point with their curiosity and vigour.

Boxed simplicity buds along the path, as the distractions tempt and distil, what has been natures landscape and the intensity of it's palette stirs hidden memories as the well heeled path echoes the voices of a thousand other wanders.

Mesmerising voices scream  the urgency as the water seeps from the rocks, giving life with each drop that funnels through the patinas of experience .

Swirling with the heavenly white water crests, the significant insignificance, of all else, pales in a moment of awareness and consciousness.

In the vacuum of nothingness, momentary peripheral  colours flood the spatial awareness, of a seemingly dream like reality, which unfolds into the Sensurround of butterflies, covering the body with their little feet, wings beating to the drums of change.

Old memories leave the flux of one reality as new creation steams forth, echoing each in another.

Peels of laughter reverberate across the forest  floor, holding it's secrets , as the accumulated detritus of each cycle of life permeates the atmosphere with the melancholic damp algae smells of decay, making it's presence known, in it's force of giving new life, repeating the cycles to an avid audience, of all who choose to grace themselves with magnificence of their own being and all around.

The miracles of minutia abound , and in the dichotomy of realities, a spirit of destitution prevails.

Ensconced in the bubble of our creation, the veil of realities cloud, as the realisation that the wanderer and the warrior, are brothers in arms ,as one, and it is this, that shall ultimately  prevail.

Calmness and serenity
Wrapped in the breeze of tangibility
Soothing in it's touch  
To the legacy
Of the manifestation
For all        

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