Sunday, February 23, 2014

Induced & whispered.......

Swirls of veils are induced.

Experiencing the tingling closeness
Swathed emotions
Sing out aloud
Reducing themselves
A comet's tail of essence.

Radiating orbs of piercing azure blue
Shine forth across the countenance of joy
melts the shadows of angst
In the indulgence and the sanctity of life.

Whispered words
Across the winds of dreams
in the thoughts of creation.

A fanfare
Heralding the evolvement
Celebrating change.

Metastasised shadows
In the iron grip of conditioning
Leaves the recesses of fear
Finding new courage
Renewed purpose.

The mission continues 
From the printed pages
Comic book heroes
Come back to life
Attributes and strengths
Emerging from the essence of self.

Molecules condensate with the efforts of each step
Icy cold molecules
seep through the pores.

The skin tingles with it's challenges
focusses all senses
Placing each step
Following the pattern
A pre destined dance manoeuvre

The sound of the voice
Sets off the vibrations
Building itself up
In it's own self contained vessel.

Pressures ebb and flow
by the presence of change
Differing densities
as dualities
offer their own choices.

Linear occurrences
Confounded in the lateral implications

Surrendered attachments
Usher in the new found gifts
Parallel omnipotence
In the singularity of a moment. 

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