Sunday, January 5, 2014

Processing the whispering moments

Shaking the shadows on the long road to wholeness
Invigorated in the embrace of truth
Feeling the pulsating presence of the essence
Washed with the cool waves of resolution

Imbibing the serenity of timeless eons
Forging  ahead
A warrior like capacity

A windswept sky
Salivating with the fall of autumn leaves

Aspirational pangs
A mesmerising consciousness
Coated in the ochre dust

Sandstone spires
A radiance caught
No other

Vestibules of emigre's
Hold their space
A subconsciousness of choice

Sticky meringues
Holding gracefully
The moment of the present
Caught in the vortex  of interpretation

Whispering silence
Felt in the fibres
A pure essence
A persistent urge
Catapulted through the dreams of perceptual reality

Stuffed pride
Mounted on walls of grandeur
Flowing through corridors
Held and cemented in perpetuity

Gripped in the clutches
An inhalation of life
A heartbeat of realisation
A crossroads
An epiphany
of life

A culminating journey
An exhalation

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