Sunday, November 17, 2013

Capturing ........the moment

Radiating spectrum of light and sound fill and overwhelm the senses as the tingling skin experiences it's own manifestation, in the form of pain.

A fond reminder of the present moment,each moment, with the inhalation and exhalation of the subtle breath of awareness.

Pushing the limits of endurance and the known, and wandering aimlessly into the infinite and expandable space of the unknown.

Operating in the duality and physicalness of one dimension while simultaneously skirting and delving into the freedom of another.

Majestic salvation woos the senses in the sensuround of an opulent salvation, while the nought of nothingness, is the temptation of the goddess, who openly flaunt their words in song, in the longing silence of essence.

Simplistic branches of interpretation hang lifeless in the giant Baobab, whilst the life force of 1000 eons courses through the ether of  relegated consciousness.

Preconceived notions and perceptions have forged an illusion in the imaginative fire's of  an organism, who assumed a greatness and superiority in the illusion of their own likeness.

Pulled taught, through the eyelet of a giant canvas sail, which struggles to embrace the prevailing flow and at the same time is and always was an integral part of the flow.

Quenching the thirst in the embrace.
Satiating the appetite in the surrender.
A moment of connection.
A moment of bliss.
Capturing the elusiveness.
One moment at a time.
All time.

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