Saturday, December 24, 2011

Auspicious concurrent.......

Auspicious winds breathe their coolness over my still physical form, as the grey clouds hang poignantly and pregnant in a sky filled with the promises of radiance, joyousness and wholeness.

All stops in it's tracks as the balance swings precariously to and fro in the vacuum.

Birds fly past in salutation.

Tingling sensations play their way across the neck, beating a path upwards and onwards, over the cranium and finding shelter in the caverns of the temple as they persist in the recognition of their throbbing signals.

Skimming the reality, touching the  make believe illusions, as the masks utter their words in the cardboard authenticity of a reality.

Nestled deep down, a concurrence of inexplicable emotional energy makes its voice heard in a tectonic clash between the illusion and the authenticity.

Moments of absolute zero gravity as the glimpses increase in their own tenacity and ferocity whilst all around seems to flicker in the reflective reality.

Crevice sanity seems like an absolute normality 
All that is considered,  to be the extreme, is the depth.

Each step created along the path of choice is the imprint of the past and the potential vision of the future.

The omnipotence of the moment overwhelms the senses as the flock of ravens brush gently against the moment of the present.

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