Sunday, November 7, 2010

Arising from the darkness.......

Stagnant aspirations survive, lying in the darkness and the dankness of the moist crushed earth of hope and miracle, as the time stops and the sustainability of the organism appears close to decimation and elimination.

In the growing depth of darkness, the senses have passed the point of no return and total surrender, when the nothingness begins to spiral and the momentary stroboscopic illusion of colour proves  elusive, beyond belief and comprehension.

A glimmer of familiarity  presents  itself and disappears.

The senses begin to rotate in the glowing darkness causing expansion in the vibrating passage of timelessness, as the sweet smell of the fertile earth beckons the nurturing and healing to fulfill  it's own cycle.

Arising from the darkness of the crushed earth, the spirit and aspirations soar, as the new lease of eternity is realised in the authenticity of the individual journey, in the complexity of the whole.

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