Saturday, October 16, 2010

A series of choices.......

The labored warm breath of opportunity passes close by, lingering on the periphery, awaiting the synchronicitous moment to envelop the organism in it's moment of destiny.

Shadowed layers of viscous mist somnambulate through the cemetery and head stones of memories and retained energies of the past.

Choosing the perception of  vision, as the wandering stirs up the residues of forgotten emotions, leading one down the path of unconscious being.

Regurgitating the learned behavior of the past, while laboring under the hopes of an alternate future.

The present remains the enigma relegated to a series of moments held in a vacuum of what has transpired and is about to manifest.

To escalate and extrapolate a series of choices while embracing and surrendering each moment, catapults one into the grace of being with gratitude and overwhelming love of the essence of the whole.

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