Saturday, February 13, 2010

Swirling the Shifting Depths

Swirling through the depths of an enigma, always standing at the edge of the abyss, leaping in a perpetual motion while embracing the darkness in the light.

Viral enlightenment replicating it's many pathways over the patina of neglect and through the choices of outward chaos and inward emptiness.

Surging through the maelstrom of existence, to the core of essence, while all the time facing the surfacing frailties of the human vehicle and overcoming them.

Attentively listening to the silence, in pauses, whilst extrapolating and extending them beyond the norms and fears of the arrogance and selfish obliviousness of a limited point of being.

Welcoming the visual paradigm shift beyond the known spectrum and acknowledging the veracity without a burden of proof hindering the forward exponentiality of growth as a whole.

Standing on the portal of an understanding of what is beyond the limitations of a created illusion of confortability and well being.

Swirling through the shifting sands of change and possibilities while the luminescing orbs beckon the catalytic action of shift once again.

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