Saturday, September 5, 2009

Pervasive Shadows....... In the Gratitude of Being

Pervasive feelings of emptiness play in the shadows of self.

Thunder clouds of pure fortitude guide the way and show the skillful effervescence of gratitude, as the lightning graciously traverses the heavens with it's stroboscopic effects.

The hot air balloon of pure essence rises slowly at first and moves upward, only to realise that the vista that is garnered from the height is an illusion of the physicality of the dimension which is being travelled in.

The persuasiveness of the awe experienced is brought into stark contrast, when one travels back to the beginning, the core of being, to find that the attachments to the plane of existence are the fine web like tendrils holding all in place.

Down into the essence of being are the rumbles and the tremors of the volcano of pure energy that have for eons been thought to be extinct.

A time exists where the calling and the true face of each individual is brought into sharp focus, where, as the intensity escalates, the pure unadulterated essence of energy is to be unleashed in a process of upended galvanisation.

The present perception does not allow the freedom of this natural flow to garner it's own momentum and in the present paradigm, all does not follow it's logical conclusion.

As the feelings of emptiness play in their shadows, there is an overwhelming sense of purpose and peace in the gratitude of being.

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