Saturday, July 4, 2009

Trepidation & the Void of a Moment

A flutter of anxious trepidation emanates from deep within, while the exterior veneer remains unrippled in the silence.

A sea of verdant green invites one into the realms of it's luxuriousness, undeterred by the passing parade of life.

The youth explore, the yet undetermined parameters of the dualities, of their own perspectives, and the zest of invincibility.

As the creator of one's own music, there be times, where the impetus of the forward momentum is momentarily halted, to repeat itself, as the passage of time continues, stuck in the same groove.

Splashes of colour and powdered dust float through the air in the celebration of joyousness, laughter,family and fun while partaking in the Holi festival.

Timeless sentiments and wisdom play themselves out vicariously, while individuals continue on their own paths of self discovery.

The awareness and boundaries of self slowly move outward, like a boil slowly growing and extending itself, until the moment when it is ready to erupt, as the inner core of spiritual authenticity surfaces and is ready to sojourn further to infinity.

The floating and marching eyeballs of humanity intersect and interface with each other, baring their light or hiding their pain, as the separateness of each, resembles more of the homogeneous, than it does of the differences.

The buried sarcophagus sees the light of day as the fetid rancid air takes it's first breath dissipating the illusion of the conditioned norm of the prevalence of acceptable stability.

In the shimmering heat of a desert canyon, the images that present themselves test the mettle and the reality of the being who extends themselves beyond what is.

A footprint forever held and caressed in the fossilised stone brings one closer and narrows the divide of an ancestor who walked a few millennium ago.

In the ancient holy places, where the physical body comes to rest and the mind quietens to the nothingness of a void, the emanations and luminescence, of all one was and is, appear to extend themselves beyond the singular entity, into a line of multiple forms, who have crossed the parallels, to manifest themselves at one point and celebrate the love and magnificence of the essence of all.

In the crawl spaces and labyrinth passages of the mind reside the seed of dreams and the authentic truth and essence of who one is.
It is in the fragmentation of the emanating light that the doubts and fears are carried with their seeds,and, as they surface in the altered perception and perspective, the final choice is left to the individual under the ministrations of what lessons are to be learnt.
All can be expanded ,if there is the vision to understand the essence and leave the manifestations of the illusion exactly where it belongs.

Splintered viewpoints and beliefs lead the masses laser like down into the narrow confines of a gopher burrow, and in the darkness of their confines, diminishing perspective and self righteous belief in the veracity of their cause, the alternatives to a resolution disappear and the only path that is left is justified in the contempt and dehumanisation of others, to ensure that the goals and agenda can only possibly be manifested by the use of force.

In the quickening everything and all is a possibility.

Enmeshed in the shadow of one's own perspective and choices, the sensorial effects of the basking in the light might be diminished unless one is courageous and willing to excavate that which lies dormant within.

The slow click and flap of a pigeon traversing the sky above, sets in motion a chain of thoughts, which escalate long after the click, is a distant memory.

The messages are received while extending oneself through the realms of physical exhaustion, while plying through the layers and viscosity of life.
Each moment is seized in it's entirety and is let go, to slip back into the void of nothingness, as the next moment appears miraculously, bathed in the light of surrender and gratitude.

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